Janet believes in the transformational power of storytelling and has built her career around harnessing this power -- for herself, for communities, for companies. Everyone has a story to tell. What's yours?

CURRENT ONGOING PROJECTS: Web editor @ Take Magazine | Associate editor @ Outlander Cast Blog | Media Strategist @ Norfolk Chamber Music Festival | Write On! Workshop Creator/Teacher @ Mental Health Connecticut | Memoir "Finding Our Way: A Mother and Son's Journey Through Schizophrenia"

Here is a sampling of Janet's recent published work.

Take Magazine

Sarah C. Butler: The Stories We Tell Ourselves

Maine photographer Sarah C. Butler photographs her mother’s dilapidated home and rediscovers their relationship amid the chaos. When photographer Sarah C. Butler first visited her mother after getting a call from her mother’s husband that he was concerned about her health, she agreed to the trip with trepidation. She and her mother had had a tumultuous relationship, and she had not visited her mother in eight years, a time during which her mother had purchased her “dream” home not far f

Write On! Encouraging Young Adults To Share Stories, Confront Mental Health Stigma

I created a workshop through Mental Health Connecticut for young adults with mental illness to learn how writing could help them in their recovery and in the hopes that in sharing their stories they could help end the stigma around mental illness. I've taught the workshop, called Write On!, three times. At the end of this last session, WNPR interviewed me and two of the students, who also shared their stories. This link is that interview and gives a sense of what this writing program, which I plan to do in other places, can do to change lives.
Take Magazine

Rick Reyes' Love Songs to Puerto Rico

Rick Reyes of Bridgeport, Connecticut, shares love of his native music via his Puerto Rican songbook project. Musician Rick Reyes may have been born in Bridgeport, Connecticut, but his heart and his music lie in Puerto Rico. Which is one reason he’s created the Puerto Rican songbook project: It’s his way of sharing a piece of Puerto Rico with the world. Reyes, who refers to his Connecticut hometown as “Bridgeportorico,” moved back to Puerto Rico when he was a young child. He lived there until
Take Magazine

Chef Bun Lai - Invasive Species-to-Table

At Miya’s Sushi in New Haven, the usual is unusual. On the menu? Killer bees, poisonous vipers, and stingrays. When I interview chef Bun Lai of Miya’s Sushi in New Haven, Connecticut, he has just wrapped filming a TV series in which he travels the world creating new dishes from exotic invasive species. Think a hot, Asian Andrew-Zimmern-of-Bizarre Foods-goes-green kind of thing. On the menu? Killer bees, poisonous vipers, and stingrays. “It’s really about having us open our minds to other ways

Outlander and Lady Porn

Jamie and Claire epitomize this in spades. We watch them fall in love gradually. They are the perfect couple once they do fall in love. Not because they don’t fight or have issues, but because they work them out. Claire is a strong, savvy woman who knows — and says — what she wants and thinks! Jamie is an evolved man! He says he’s wrong. He makes changes. For God’s sake, he tosses away centuries of men owning women and telling them what to do and holds a dagger to his chest saying he won’t ever
Take Magazine

Did You Know? This MATRIX is Real

Hartford’s art museum, the Wadsworth Atheneum, invites you to step into the MATRIX. No choice of red or blue pill needed. Housed in the Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art in Hartford, Connecticut, MATRIX was the first gallery space in a traditional art museum dedicated to a changing series of contemporary art exhibitions. It is an idea that has since been replicated by more than 50 museums across America since MATRIX launched in 1975. MATRIX has also been home to the first solo exhibitions for m

3 Things the Media Needs to do in the Era of Alternative Facts

It took less than 48 hours for America’s new #PredatorInChief to show his true colors. We didn’t really doubt this was coming. As Maya Angelou noted, when someone shows you who they are really are, believe them. Still it was fascinating to watch him unravel as he realized an entire gender across the world was protesting his arrival to power. He did what narcissists do in these circumstances. He frantically tried to control the message and make it very clear that actually EVERYONE ELSE WAS LYING
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